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Committee Chair:
LeAnn DeHoff, PhD

Committee Members:

  • Publications Subcommittee
    • Chair: Zori Kalibatseva; Co-Chair: Snezana Stupar-Rutenfrans
      Students: Katelyn Poelkner; Milse Furtado
  • Welcome Subcommittee
    • Student: Falu Rami
  • Convention Subcommittee
    • Co-Chair: Dara Zafran
      Student: Elizabeth Louis
  • The Marketing Subcommittee
  • Membership Subcommottee

2017 Goals

Based on a survey distributed in 2016 the following goals were developed:

  • Career: Identify and convey training, career, and collaborative opportunities for ECPs.
  • Collaboration: Connect ECPs with Fellows, Senior Career Psychologists, and other ECPs.
  • Communication: Correspond with ECPs through scheduled messages about opportunities.
  • Task Force: for identifying and delivering Professional opportunities for ECPs (e.g., training, teaching, publication, etc.); Collaborative regional opportunities; Mentorship possibilities between ECPs, Senior Psychologists, and Fellows; Low/no cost incentives to encourage ECPs to join and volunteer with Division 52
  • Hold a focus group among Senior Psychologists, Fellows, and ECPs during the 2017 APA Convention in Washington, D.C.
  • Deliver a Division 52 ECP poster at the 2017 APA Convention to communicate the ECP’s focus on International Career, Collaboration, and Communication.
  • Host joint Division 52 and ECP Social Hour at the 2017 APA Convention. Proposed focus of the event: International Career, Collaboration, and Communication.

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