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Come to the APA Convention in San Francisco, August 2018!

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Dear Division 52 Colleagues!D52 BullockSquare -

Get ready for a great 2018 Convention for Division 52! The Division will be in its 21st year - and beginning to implement its new strategic plan. Our amazing Program Committee - Judith Gibbons, Chair, Sonia Suchday, Co-Chair, and Rehman Abdulrehman, Suite Chair have been meeting regularly to develop ideas to make this a dynamic, interesting, action filled convention - for Division members (and future members!) who attend and for those who want to watch from afar. They welcome you to join in!

This note is to encourage you to submit your work, to volunteer for D52 tasks and activities, and to begin to plan now for your August 2018 adventure. Here are some details:


You can submit a variety of proposals for the APA convention:

1. C.E. Workshop proposals - deadline November 2017

The APA CE Workshop call for proposals (http://www.apa.org/convention/proposals.aspx?tab=2) closes November 14, 2017. We encourage you to propose workshops that build on international knowledge, perspectives and skills

2. Collaborative Programming Proposals - deadline October 13, 2017

Each Convention, 125 programming hours are allocated to collaborative programming among Divisions and APA Boards & Committees. A collaborative program pulls together multiple perspectives on a significant issue for psychologists and society at large, involves more than one core area of psychology, i.e., science, practice, education, public interest), and reflects Interdisciplinarity and relevant aspects of diversity. Collaboration goes beyond multiple divisions co-listing a program. 
Stakeholders with diverse points of view actively develop a collaborative program.  Divisions (between two and seven divisions) that represent these multiple perspectives may be involved in the development of the proposal and listed as sponsoring groups. The overarching goal is to highlight the unique role of APA as a unifying force in psychology.
Submitters of collaborative program sessions must involve a minimum of two Divisions that are relevant to the proposal content and that would review the proposal (up to seven Divisions may be identified).

Collaborative proposals

  • Should be 1 or 2-hour session proposals that highlight collaborative ideas and integrative approaches;
  • Must have at least two participants and a chairperson (individual presentations (paper/poster) will not be considered.)
  • Are encouraged to
    • Incorporate innovative presentation formats;
    • Include participants across all career stages, settings, and fields; and
    • Integrate psychological science and practice

If you are interested in working on a collaborative programming, please send a note to the Division 52 Discussion listserv (you can sign up via instructions on the right side of the D52 website - div52.org - please note you must be a Division member to use this listserv) if you are interested in finding partners for te programming. In addition, any requests made to the Division 52 program chairs will be shared on the Discussion lisrtserv. If you have colleagues in any area of psychology ask them if they would like to work with you to bring an international perspective to their topics. Full details on the APA site: http://www.apa.org/convention/proposals.aspx?tab=1.

3. Regular Programming Proposals- deadline December 1, 2017

The APA regular submissions portal opens soon! Division 52 is accepting proposals for 1-hour symposia and for posters. The theme of the Division 52 program is "Building international partnerships for psychology, people, and the planet." Submit 1-hour symposia on relevant themes, or posters on international work.  All submissions are made through the APA online portal (we will provide a link when its active). The Division has about 18 hours for programming. See APA criteria: http://www.apa.org/convention/proposals.aspx?tab=3

4. Suite Programs - deadline February 1, 2018

The Division Suite Program is going to be dynamic! It will be your backstage pass to the world of international work, collaboration and perspective. The suite programs will include:

  • Opportunities for small-group discussions with APA "VIPs" (e.g. invited speakers, award winners, prominent international colleagues)
  • Skill building sessions (for international work, for social media use)
  • Consultations on international work
  • parties!

Submit your proposals: Submit a proposal for a conversation hour or skill building session or an innovative program - Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and to discuss your proposals.

Volunteer for Convention!

Reviewers: Volunteer to review convention proposals (no more than 6 proposals per reviewer) and help shape the program! (see more information)

Poster Judges: Volunteer to read and judge student posters during convention - an inspiring international "pat on the back" for students and their advisors! (information to be posted when available)

Be a D52 Ambassador: Attend sessions with an international focus and talk with colleagues about joining others in D52 (information posted when available) 

Be a host to international visitors: Participate in the student peer conversation program (details available soon) to host international students at convention; or participate as a host to international visitors of all levels to convention (details forthcoming).

Volunteer for the program committee: Work with the Program Chairs to develop social events, outreach and more at Convention 2018

Send your ideas

The program committee is just now developing the program, and you can play a role!

  • Suggest speakers - who would you most like to hear from in San Francisco on an international theme? Dream large and let the Program Committee know!
  • Suggest innovative programs - skill building, conversation hours, roundtables to foster an international perspective or engagement

Remember - this is your convention!

APA will provide the venues, your program committee will develop internationally focused sessions, but the heart and soul of convention is its attendees - so plan to come and to celebrate international and innovation! Lets make it a banner attendance year for D52 (and that will prepare the way for increased program hours for the year to come!)

Looking foward to working with you and seeing you in San Francisco


Merry Bullock, PhD, Division 52 President-Elect


Division 52 Program Chairs

Email: JGSSRA52.2018@gmail.com 
Gibbons square  

Program Chair
Judith Gibbons



suchday square


Program Co-Chair
Sonia Suchday



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Suite Chair
Rehman Abdulrehman


Please volunteer - contact program chairs
 poelker square   Program Logistics
Katelyn Poelker