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In 2017 Division 52 celebrates its 20th anniversary, building on the knowledge of the past to address the pressing themes of the present and future. As the Division of International Psychology in APA, one of our goals is to illustrate how and why psychological theory, research, education, training, practice, advocacy, service, and leadership can help address global issues and needs.

Consider, for example, the role of Division 52 and its network of internationally-minded psychologists in addressing sustainable goals such as poverty reduction, good health and well-being, quality education, gender equality, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, climate action, and peace and justice.  The members of Division 52 are particularly well-positioned to make a credible difference and chart a compelling course for the future. In fact, we believe Division 52 represents the global potential not only of American psychology, but how colleagues and students around the world may – in the words of APA’s mission – apply “psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives."

In honor of the past, the present, and the future potential of Division 52, we invite you to explore these issues with us in Washington D.C. this August at the annual APA Convention. In addition to a series of compelling symposia and poster sessions, and to featured conversations and gatherings in the Division Suite, this year’s events will include a celebration that will enable us to truly acknowledge our past, present, and future.

Join Division 52 Leaders and Members for exciting convention programs and for celebration events

3 pm Friday August 4 2017

Business Meeting: Members' Business; Award Ceremony

4 pm - 6 pm Friday August 4 2017
President's Address and Celebration

  • Unveiling - Division 52 Strategic Plan
  • Video - All About Division 52
  • Party!!!!

Convention Announcements!!

Students! Call for Submissions for Student Poster/Symposia Awards

Student-First-Authors on presentations (i.e., posters, conversation hours, or symposia) accepted by Division 52 for convention are invited to submit their work.

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Call for Judges at the 2017 APA Convention

Call for psychologists to serve as a judge for student-first-author presentations.

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