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See below the comments from each APA Presidential Candidate about international engagement and APA. The "Statement to DIvison 52" was in response to an email sent to each candidate inviting them to comment on their international perspective. The "Question in the APA Monitor" was in response to one of the 6 questions posed to all candidates that were published in the Monitor

Questions Asked to Candidates:

Statement to Division 52
Please outline your vision, as APA president, for APA’s international engagement and for infusing an international perspective into APA’s own vision, activities, and initiatives. 

Question in the APA Monitor: 
According to its Vision Statement, APA aspires to be a "principal leader and global partner promoting psychological knowledge and methods to facilitate the resolution of personal, societal and global challenges in diverse, multicultural and international contexts." How would your presidency and presidential initiatives further this vision?

bingham       Rosie
  Statement to Divison 52    APA Monitor Statement   
diguiseppe       Raymond
   Statement to Division 52   APA Monitor Statement  
finnerty       Todd
      APA Monitor Statement
hollon       Steven
  Statement to Divison 52   APA Monitor Statement
kitaeff       Jack
      APA Monitor Statement