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Rosie Bingham Statement for D52

How would you support international psychology if you were to become president?

APA’s mission is to use psychological knowledge to benefit society—worldwide. In the last couple of decades APA has greatly expanded its outreach to international psychology, including signing Memorandums of Understanding with numerous countries. I will support our efforts to increase our international affiliates and expand the number of countries represented by those affiliates. I will support the Committee on International Relations and Divisions like 52 that are focusing on building international relationships and on psychology internationally. I will encourage greater recognition and welcoming of international students and professionals who come to the United States to study and work.

One of my greatest leadership traits is the ability and the willingness to listen to my colleagues. In my listening, so far here are some of international issues to which I believe we should attend. They include:

  1. Visa issues for international students and practitioners. On the campuses of most large universities there are offices of international relations. Sometimes however, graduate students still do not get the support that they need. It would be helpful if programs had more of a push for faculties to have the resources that they need to help those students. I will look for ways to be more supportive of getting the information out.
  2. Our graduate training programs need to develop more education and training around cross-cultural training. International students need the training for when they return home and U.S. students need that training to be more effective with the international populations who reside in the U.S. I would support members of Divisions working together to begin exploring the possibility of developing guidelines on international psychology competencies.
  3. Many psychologists travel internationally and APA now supports the travel of some governance members in attending some international conferences. It would be exciting to discover more possibilities for more psychologists to have the opportunities for more international exchanges.
  4. Finally, I have been told that sometimes international students have difficulties with licensure because of different requirements in different countries. I would support efforts to make the processes smoother and clearer.

I believe that my themes and main points listed on my website at www.rosiebinghamforapapresident.com are consistent with supporting international psychology. I hope you will join me as we Dream Big and Do More

Tatyana El-Kour - Short Biography

D52 ElkourMs. Tatyana El-Kour is a passionate international development and public health professional with an expert level understanding of technical cooperation and project design and implementation regarding United Nations, European Union, and Global Humanitarian organizations. She possesses more than 17 years’ experience and has served various technical and leadership roles at national and international levels within the World Health Organization, global humanitarian organizations and private practice. She is uniquely qualified in healthy lifestyle promotion and disease prevention in mental health, nutrition implications of mental health and mental health implications of nutrition, particularly in development, humanitarian and crisis settings. As a native of Jordan, Tatyana’s work has been mostly focused on the Middle East and North African region where psychology is central challenge of contemporary Middle Eastern context with widespread revolts across the Arab world and with the region facing the largest refugee crisis in recent history. Lately, Tatyana co-led the nutrition sector coordination for the Syrian crisis and developed herself as an expert in policy and advocacy development, a driver of clinical transformations in public health settings, and an advocate of an outcome-based approach and system-based solutions for public health problems. She is currently completing her doctoral degree in Psychology at Fielding Graduate University with a concentration in Media Psychology. She aspires to work at the intersection of cognition, technology, and media innovation to design effective and sustainable system-based solutions to social and health problems in the Middle East. Tatyana completed her undergraduate degree in dietetics from Kansas State University, and her combined master’s and internship program in medical nutrition therapy from Tufts University. She is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships. Most recently, she received the Wagenheim Endowed Scholarship for International Students and the Worldwide Network for Gender Empowerment research fellowship from Fielding Graduate University for her project entitled: “Empowerment matters: How redefining mothers’ role in crisis can help save lives.”

Chandra Merry - Short Bio

merry chandra 2Chandra Merry is a Psy.D. student whose passions for healing and international development led her to the field of clinical psychology. She previously worked in a high-level migrant rights NGO in the Philippines, gaining experience partnering with organizations like the United Nations. Prior to pursuing her Psy.D., she completed a Master’s degree that examined how the arts, including drama therapy, could be applied to international development. She has lived, studied and worked in five countries across three continents. She has a long history of involvement in social justice issues, including women’s rights, racial justice, migrant rights, and environmental issues. She previously directed a non profit organization, indicating her capacity for strategic leadership and organizational development. Through her experience in international development, advocacy, leadership, and psychology, Chandra has developed a conviction that psychologists, and psychology students, should have a critical and unique role in international work. Chandra’s family is is Indo-Guyanese and Dutch Canadian and she has relatives all over the globe, reflecting her personal affinity for international work.