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The Student Committee Chair serves as Student Representative to the Division 52 Board of Directors and Chairs the Student Committee.

The Chair-Elect serves one year as Chair Elect, one year as Chair, and one year as Past Chair for the Student Committee.

This rotation is new beginning in 2019. Also new is that the Student Chair-Elect will be elected by students only (i.e., nominations are accepted from all Division members, affiliates and student members; however, the election will be by students only).


    d52 nikalje    

Student Chair-Elect:
Ankita Nikalje, MS

Short Biography:

Ankita Nikalje is a second year Counseling Psychology international Ph.D. student from Mumbai (India) at Purdue University. She completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Melbourne (Australia). Given the lack of representation of her own experiences in psychology as an international student of color she decided to pursue her master’s degree in Cross-Cultural Psychology at Brunel University (United Kingdom), prior to starting her graduate degree in the United States of America. Her research focuses on conceptualizing sociohistorical constructs such as the pervasive and continued effects of colonization, both as it manifests and varies within and between historically colonized groups. She is also passionate about globalizing psychological research, specifically developing culturally sensitive measures for psychological constructs.

Nominations Statement:

An international approach to psychological research and education is needed to tap into the immense potential of psychology in creating change across the world. I believe the key to this international approach is active engagement and collaboration. While efforts have been made to move past the predominant focus on North American and European populations and theories, our research and education still appears to be homogenous. However, to create sustainable global change within psychology we need the active and equal participation of all collaborators representing international psychology.

As a Student Committee Chair Elect, I want to use my seat at the table to develop specific strategies to internationalize psychology. Specifically, I want to focus on collaborating and building relationships with international partners and networks in facilitating cross-cultural research and education. I believe psychology students across the world can be a powerful source of developing this network, starting with the globally diverse students within our organization.

By promoting an international collaborative approach and actively engaging in cross-cultural research and education, I believe Division 52 can truly become a catalyst for creating global change and the centre of cross-cultural psychology both within the APA and across the world.

    d52 orr    

Student Chair-Elect: 
Angelique Orr, MS

Short Biography:

Angelique Orr holds a Master’s of Science with a concentration in Human Service Administration. Ms. Orr has over two decades of professional experience demonstrating success in providing innovative leadership for city, state, and international initiatives. She is fueled by her passion for ensuring community health and well-being for all populations regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, and region.
Throughout her career, Ms. Orr has served in various public service roles. Her multiple board memberships include serving as one of four non-government, appointees on Illinois’ state-wide Diversion Oversight Board, chairing a governing committee. Recently, Angelique designed and implemented an environmental scan of Chicago’s Westside communities to inform development and engagement efforts. Additionally, Angelique owns Phoenix Star Inc., a consulting firm serving Chicago, Illinois, and South African organizations. To support her efforts, Ms. Orr is pursuing a Ph.D. in International Psychology thereby advancing her goals to serve individuals, organizations, and communities globally.

Nominations Statement:

My name is Angelique Orr and I am honored to be a candidate for Student Committee Chair. I believe that I am well suited to serve in this role because of my diverse background and experience, my commitment to building APA’s Division of International Psychology, and my dedication to serving APA’s student populations. Retrospection has taught me that life is ever-changing. Every day is different. And, as we move through life we use psychology in every aspect to rationalize and navigate its evolving terrain. This realization helped me understand that psychology is, and has always been, an intrinsically, relevant unifying framework for my life’s work domestically and internationally.

Over the years, I have acquired various expertise that will be useful in advancing Division 52’s mission. I have served on multiple boards, developed statewide collaborations, and led engagement, policy and advocacy efforts for social justice issues in the US and overseas. I will leverage these experiences to raise the profile of the field of International Psychology.

Moreover, as a minority woman, I understand the importance of being ethically alert and responsible when serving as an advocate. If selected as Student Committee Chair, I will demonstrate this virtue. I will represent students’ interest, engage students as leaders in Division 52’s efforts, and ensure students’ access to resources, instruction, training, and mentoring to support their development as emerging professionals. I am excited about the possibility of serving as Student Committee Chair and look forward to learning and growing together in this endeavor.